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Kelly Marie was born and raised in the beautiful suburbs of Chicago. At the age of seven, she decided her dream was to sing and dance on Broadway. Kelly Marie was enrolled in tap dance lessons first. Just that little start soon exploded into a large passion for dance in all its forms. She started to study ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, and many other forms that encouraged her to express herself to music.

While learning all the many forms of dance and acrobatics, Kelly Marie also was introduced to the modeling and acting world. She studied many classes both inside and outside of school and participated in as many school plays and performances as she could. She was always known to perform in the yearly talent show.

As a teen Kelly Marie was an excellent and very busy student. She was a cheerleader, member of two dance companies, director of the dance department at her local park district, and still managed to find time to take dance classes and succeed as an honor roll student! She will tell you that she learned at a young age accomplishing what you want in life takes hard work and dedication. Kelly Marie still believes that with hard work and determination you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

Kelly Marie couldn’t wait till after high school to start a professional dance career. Her seven year professional career took her many places including studying under amazing dance masters at Oklahoma City University, dancing in a Vegas review, the finals for the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleading Squad, dancing on WGN's morning news, appearing on Season 3 of the Fox Television Network's "So You Think You Can Dance", dancing on Telemundo International Spanish Television, and even dancing alongside talents Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Laura Benanti, and Naturi Naughton on NBC’s “The Playboy Club.” She was also asked to portray the Disney princess Belle at Disney World in Orlando, but just couldn’t bring herself to leave the Windy City for too long of a time span. Chicago land is the only place Kelly Marie truly feels at home.

Kelly Marie realized quickly that working as a professional dancer rarely turns into a million dollar career; so while pursuing her dream she also became a dance educator to help herself out financially. Little did she know that teaching would become what she calls "the most rewarding experience of my life thus far. Watching students grow year after year into accomplished dancers was extraordinarily special. Each student taught me something new and I gained new perspective on dance as I experienced it with them."

Dancing and performing were Kelly Marie's gateway into the entertainment business. Although she modeled and competed in a few pageants as a child, and had worked as a promotional model from the time she turned eighteen, she started professionally modeling in 2002 posing as a ballerina subject for many accomplished photography portfolios. It wasn’t until she was living in Los Angeles the summer of 2007 that she realized she wanted to try to pursue modeling full time and take a break from her full time dance career. Kelly Marie returned to Chicago once again that September with the goal to pursue her modeling career. Shortly after her return she was chosen as a Spokesmodel for LA Tan and was appearing on billboards around Chicago. She then went on to win the Loop Rock Girl Search in 2008 and became the official spokes model for 97.9 The Loop. To this day Kelly Marie will tell you that was the most fun and best year of her life! She actually tattooed “Rock Girl” on her wrists because it’s just who she was born to be! Kelly Marie was able to successfully have a full time modeling career for over eight years in Chicago.

And that professional modeling career exploded into everything you see here today! She was able to become the spokes model for that radio station she grew up loving, has appeared on numerous magazine covers and in tons of local media, and besides locking down a recurring role on NBC’s “The Playboy Club” has also worked on NBC's "Chicago Fire," Fox's break out hit "Empire,” and even was recently seen in a featured spot as a patient’s wife on episode 12 titled “Guilty” on NBC’s “Chicago Med.” Kelly Marie will tell you she’s always felt lucky to be able to live her dreams for so long.

Kelly Marie has recently branched out and revisited another passion of hers, hair and makeup! She is currently working as a hair stylist and makeup artist and calls her new freelance business Your Truly Hair and Makeup. She is also the makeup artist at Fleur De Lis Salon in Barrington, IL. Kelly Marie will tell you she loves bringing out the inner beauty of her clients and helping them feel as good on the outside as they are on the inside!

Besides Kelly Marie's love for dance, busy modeling schedule, applying makeup and styling hair, and listening to her favorite music, she also enjoys hanging with friends and being social at bars, clubs, events and fundraisers in her local area. Kelly Marie is crazy for a good night out with good people, or even a nice night in with the same crew. She has a passion for living life to the fullest and knows she will ever stop following her dreams!


Kelly Marie xoxo

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